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Default Day 1

Day 1 – Sea Day:
The seas were a little bit rough through the night, I think due to that sub-tropical storm near Jacksonville and because we were moving at over 22 knots to make up lost time due to the late departure. Decided to go for a nice run around the jogging track, I was told it was 9 laps = 1 mile, come to find out it is actually 7 so I ran more then I intended but that’s never a bad thing. Around 10am we tried to hit the deck to find some chairs and it was pretty crowded, which is to be expected on a sea day. Serenity deck was overrun with chair hogs, but we ended up finding some chairs along deck 11. There is enough open deck space on this ship to find some chairs, yes you may not get your first choice but keep looking, there are plenty of chairs. We signed up for a food and wine pairing at noon, $15/pp, which got you a small tasting plate with cheese, steak, salmon, and fruit and 5 glasses (half full) of different types of wine. This was attended by maybe about 30 people and turned into one of the highlights of the trip. The sommelier was fantastic and really opened our eyes about pairing the right foods with the right wine and how adding lemon, lime or salt can really change a flavor, wish I had taken notes. If you even remotely consider yourself a wine person, pay the $15 it is well worth it. For lunch we took part in the Lanai BBQ which was awesome. Dinner was cruise elegant night #1, we requested a booth which ended up in a wait of 45 minutes, but no worries, took some pictures and went to eat. My one big complaint from the cruise was the corkage fee for wine. On the first night we asked our waiter and he told us, don’t worry, just bring it and we’ll open it for you, no fee. So we did just that this night, brought our own wine, and they gave us 4 glasses, opened it and that was that. We tried this on the next night and were told we would have to pay $10 corkage fee. We did have a different dining team because of the anytime option, but my gripe is, do it one way or the other. Charge the fee or don’t but don’t change your policy from night to night. Each night thereafter we poured it in our room and brought it with us to dinner, our room steward kept us stocked with wine glasses in the room. We went to the main theatre show which was horrible, we left after about 15 minutes, the vocalists were terrible, especially the male.
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