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Default Day 5

Day 5 – Costa Maya:
Please note that you get to this port very early, 7am ships time, 6am local time. We had to be back on the boat by 2pm if I remember correctly so plan excursions accordingly. The weather was absolutely terrible when we got in. I was up at 615 to watch us pull into port and the waves were very high and it was raining heavily. At one point I thought we might not be able to dock, but we did. We planned on going to the Mayan Ruins through The Native Choice Tours but due to the nasty weather and time concerns, I originally thought we had until 3pm in port, we decided to cancel. Though we had already paid they were very nice and understood our concerns though they assured us we would make it back on time. Looking back I wish we had gone on the tour, rain or not.

There are a few shops in the port area to look at, with again most of the same stuff. If you are so inclined they have a baby tiger you can hold and take pictures with for $25/pp; hadn’t seen that anywhere else. Outside of the “secured” area is a “town” that looks like most of it is either shut down or on its way out. The Carlos and Charlie’s Outlet is closing for business. There is a Hard Rock Café that just opened a few months prior to our arrival. Interesting fact: it is the smallest Hard Rock Café in the world. Back in the port area they do a Mayan show with dancers and reenact a human sacrifice, interesting to watch for a bit and then move on. For you liquor buffs note there is only 2 stores inside the port area that sell tequila ONLY. Out in the “town” there is another one of those Dufry Duty Free places with all types of liquor next to what is possibly the saddest Diamonds International store in the world.

We were back on the ship by noon. This port was highly unimpressive to me. Do yourself a favor and book an excursion here. Other then the large pool in the port, the shops are the same and there is nothing of interest to walk to. Also, all prices in shops here were listed in pesos, so be aware of that. Lunch at the Lido was enjoyed in the Pasta Bar. I can see how people don’t find this place until the end of the cruise, if you’re not looking for it you won’t find it. There are a couple different types of pasta, sauces, and many add-ins to choose from, along with bread and Caesar salad. This was also our second elegant night. The beef tenderloin and grilled tiger shrimp were excellent.
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