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Default Good Friday Morning

Good morning everyone:

I guess Donna's out getting shot and Todd is enjoying watching the house cleaning ladies do their job.

Me: I'm waiting for my birthday girl to get out of the shower. It's Betty's birthday today but I have a doctor's appointment at the U of M. It's just a regular neurology visit and should take about ten minutes once we actually see the doctor. "Anything change? Not really. I need my scripts renewed. OK." That is what I think will be the extent of the visit. That and $340. We may go over a little of the interesting things I've discovered since finding out I had Celiac's.

After that we'll stop and have a Birthday lunch. Betty is one week away from retirement and is really counting down the days.

Well: I hear my birthday girl is out of the shower so I better get moving.

Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Take care,
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