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Unhappy Dining room times

Originally Posted by RichC View Post
That would have ticked me off also. You should have walked out at around the 2 hour mark & told the head waiter exactly why.
You could have always returned to the dining room after the show for dessert.

I am afraid I have to say that people with that attitude ARE probably better off going to the buffet.

The way we see it, a fine restaurant, or the Main Dining Room, is a place to enjoy a leisurely dining experience. Two and a half hours for dining is a nice comfortable experience IMAO. If our table mates got up and left after two hours because they were in a hurry, we would just shake our heads and wonder what they expected. I certainly hope that the MDR continues to function as a fine dining venue and not become a Denny's afloat.

To me, the whole point of this discussion is that on Princess, it is very difficult to have both the leisurely dining and get to the show at a reasonable hour for a good seat.

The three show idea on Caribbean seems as if it might work. I would like to see this spread through the fleet.

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