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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I have worked on several cruise ships - so don't forget that in addition to free room & board they also get full medical and dental coverage and have to pay no utility bills.

When you subtract you mortgage, monthly food allotment, utility bills, medical insurance and dentist costs, I dare say some of us here barely make $1500/month in pure profit for a rainy day.

I just think characterizing foreign cruise ship workers as "slave labor" is insane - and anytime I see a cruise industry critic do it (Ross Klein?) I can't help but dismiss everything they say - they obviously really knowing nothing about the cruise industry.
Sorry Paul, I think that is a bit simplistic.

Yes the crew may have free board and lodging but many will be responsible for providing board and lodging for family at home. So they may have mortgage payments.

Btw - just one little grumble , please change the heading from Why Brits don't tip - to why some passengers don't tip. I know many Americans who are 1st in line to have the gratuities taken off -not you of course.

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