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Happy Bierthday Betty and again to you Donna as well!

No girls to watch today, Mike. They came earlier in the week and did their usual fantastic job.

Lawn Tractor has to go into the shop and as I might have pointed out on another thread (but then, you'uns know my brain's gone anyway) I ran across a professional cutting another yard with one of those super dooper expensive commercial machines (I forget the brand name) and he said he'd do my acre for $35. He does excellent work too and he'll cut it in a third of the time it takes for me to cut mine. It will be at least three weeks at this time of year before I get mine back.

Went with a friend to Johnson City to an Indian restaurant. I think, but I'm not totally sure if I've been to one previously but even if so, it was a new experience for me. The only thing I asked what that the items not be pepper hot as a lot of Indian food is. Have no idea what I had but whatever it was, was delicious. I'll be going back, that's for sure. Oh and it was very inexpensive and you left stuffed!

I was going to the hog trough (what I call Ryan's buffet) today but didn't feel that well so made myself some French Toast.

Had a call from the local Sleep Study Center and gosh that took some gall when I refused the appointment after their saying they had no record of me over the last ten years of ever having a sleep apnea test (they eventually found it and it was conducted Jun 10, 2010). I came right out and told the woman I would never return to not only that center but to any medical group or hospital that used it for any kind of sleep treatment (I now have horrific sleep apnea and have to take up to four naps a day!). I still have to undergo a pressure test sometime later this month. Jeff told me it's imperative I treat the problem if only because when I stop breathing during periods of sleep, my blood pressure skyrockets and is continuing to do even more damage to my heart. this time I let him set everything up!

As it is, I now absolutely have to have a shopping cart to lean on when I go to the store. I have to admit, day to day basic activities are really starting to get to me but when one thinks of the alternatives, well...........

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Sunday, I'll be watching the boys run a Pocono and my dearest niece DeAnna will probably come up and pay me a visit on Monday so I have something to which to look forward.

Prayers and Blessings continue as always.
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