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Todd, Take it from someone who has sleep apnea. Get in there and take that test. Sleep apnea is very serious as it contributes to heart disease and strokes. I had it for a long time before I was diagnosed. I stopped breathing 80 plus times an our. I was falling asleep everywhere. I awoke every morning feeling like I had a king size hangover. I was in a fog and was confused. Finally I had a sleep study and was diagnosed. I now use my c-pap and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel 100% better. The "hangover" had disappeared. I still do not sleep as long as I would like but the quality of my sleep is so much better. No more waking up and gasping for air. Getting used to the mask was difficult at first. It took some determination but I did it. There is a wonderful forum that I belong to full of great people who are willing to reach out and help everyone who needs it. They were there for me and helped me get over the rough spots. If you want the link let me know. I cannot post it here. I cannot stress enough how serious this illness is. Please, get the study done. I care and I know everyone else here does too.

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