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I agree - every cruise is a learning experience and if you encounter a cruise you don't care for there are plenty of other options.

Yes, and being honest working on a ship is a great job and most enjoy it, but you also can't help but think about a day off once in awhile.

And it isn't that it is so relentless as so many people think, because in reality the work is not that hard - it is not like you have to get a psyched up to giving a million dollar presentation. It is just cleaning a stateroom.

I think it is more about the crowding issue you just brought up. Too many people on one average size ship.

By the way as a crewmember ( iwas one ) you don't really notice the transition from cruise to cruise so much - you tend to think more in terms of "what day of the week is it" because different things are required on different days.

And I hate to say this but it is largely true - passengers (to crewpeople) come and go so fast after awhile their faces are just a blur. You really don't get to know many of them at all, unless one sticks out because they have a good sense of humor or something.
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