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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I am guessing drivers also get stiffed more than most poeple just because cars are already pretty expensive, and you know you'lll never see the driver again.

Plus - I hate to say it but there are some shady taxi drivers out there who take the long way on purpose (in a taxi with a meter, not a car service) and if you are from out of town no never really know.

That's why I hate when a cabbie asks me where Im from. I have also "turned in" some cabbies who I know ripped me off. One guy here in my hometown took the far away ebtrabce to our airport - off course I knew better. He made a lie that the city had asked all cabs to use that entrance (pure BS).

I called his company after the ride (I paid the full fare, but no tip so he made no money from me) and told them what he did. The company sent me back my cab fare and told ne they put the driver into a weel-long training session - no income.

I used to catch cabbies in NY because I knew how much a ride from laGuardia to my door cost - and if it was $10 over and regular traffic I owuld look at their wheels - they would be underinflated. So I would tell them "either charge me the right amount or I'm calling your company" and I never had a problem.
Paul, the cars have meters. First to be honest, the complaints for my company anyway are not common. However If I do receive a complaint I first fill out a form with all important info documented, it is then placed in the drivers folder if the complaint sounds legit. I then determine what the problem was. If it had anything to do with taking the long way, or milking the meter then the money is refunded without question. If the complaint has to do with the way the driver served the passenger such as rudeness then a credit for a local ride in the future is givin, that is my policy. My belief is if you run a shady company then your clients become your competitions clients.

If the driver has a good record then I would just talk to the driver and ask him what happened at the close of business day, if it is serious then I would instruct him to go off duty and return to base. If the drivers record is running its course with complaints then that driver is fired...and trust me the other car service will not hire that me we communicate.

If I determine that the driver is bordering on being fired, close to the point of no return then his calls are restricted...meaning he does'nt get the long distance calls or the regular clients and he is monitored through out the day, making sure he is completing his trips on a timely basis. If he is taking extended unreasonable time he is dealt with then immediately.

I hope I did'nt run on with my answer, but its not as cut and dry as you think..alot has tobe takin into account when you deal with complaints.

P.S...The average call in my area of Pennsylvania is approx $15.00 and up due to everything being far apart....and lots of times to get form one place to another you have to travel over mountains...sure their are calls far less...but were talking on average.

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