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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.....still can't make up my "Libra" mind

Trip....what type of antihistamines? I am on blood pressure and cholestorol meds, so I have to be careful what I take.

I have taken long road trips before, when we were kids, my parents and us 3 girls used to drive out to Alberta every summer, so long road trips don't bother me at all.

But it's just so the pricing I've found so far for flying is down right expensive!! It's over $1,000.00 for hubby and me and that's not counting the hotel stay for the night before the cruise. I really do want to go down the day before the cruise so we can get to see some of Fort Lauderdale before we cruise

How early should we be looking at to booking the flight? I have no previous experience with booking flights at all......but I AM a pro at booking cruises

Take care and thanks again!


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