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Exclamation Gratuity

Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Excellent point of view, but what do you think about alot of restaurants now adding 18% gratuity before you even sit down.
I hate it! Not too many restaurants do that for small parties. A whole lot do it for larger groups. It essentially is exactly what I said, raising the price of the food.

As I posted above I usually tip 15-20%, and up to 25% for good service. If the restaurant chooses to set the amount of the tip, then that is what they get but NEVER A PENNY MORE! Most servers will, in fact, lose money from me if they set the tip at 18%.

Another thing that really annoys me on cruise ships that have "automatic tipping" -- frequently in his disembarkation talk the CD will suggest that is a "minimum" and we should add something to it! I guarantee you I will never ever do that either. The management gets to decide on the size of the tip (add it to the cost) OR I decide on the tip and reward good service. But NOT both ways!

And incidentally, regarding Paul's comments, the thing to do in Europe is look for the tiny little words "servis compris" on the menu. It means "Service included."

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