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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
I have no desire to go on one of these mega ship or let alone a ship with 3 or 4 thousnd people on it. And I hope this isnt the course the cruise industry is taking.But there is all ways a chose to spend a little more money to what what you desire.AS far as service goes We have no desire to mingle with the wait sfaff or the people that clean are cabin or the cruise director or any of the staff on the ship.Just your everyday pleasntrys are nice dont want to try and become there friends we like to be left alone so that part of the service is no big deal to us.
I agree in regard to not booking a cruise due to a specific crewmember is aboard...afterall, they have a job to do and you're not the only passenger on the ship.

I have, however, stayed intouch with a few crew over the years and if by chance they happen to be on a ship that I am on, then we will have a drink and a chat during their off-duty time...but only if they have the time, I certainly would never impose myself on them as they have little enough time to themselves as it is.

My last cruise, which was last month, one of the international hosts was someone who I had got to know on the previous cruise a year or so ago, he saw me before I saw him and we had a hug and a chat, then he went off to do his work, I didn't know he would be on board when I booked...part way through the cruise I invited him to evening meal in the MDR along with a couple other of the international hosts, it was their night off and they were able to kick back and relax, and enjoy a nice meal as my guests.

I used to work in tourism, so I have more affinity and empathy with the crew than most passengers...I also have no hesitation in standing up for crew who are being bullied or disrespected by my fellow passengers...I have pinned a passenger up against a bulkhead before now for acting inappropriately towards crew (he reduced some of the MDR staff to tears)...I will not stand by an allow passengers to act that way, the crew cannot answer back but as a passenger, I can...and do.

Like I said though, I won't go out of my way to book a cruise for specific crew being on it, I have made alot of great friends from crew - Captains, ship's chaplains, bridge officers, room stewards, hosts, waitstaff - but I certainly would never interfere with their work nor would I demand their attention as if I was someone special as they have more than enough to do already without having a puppy following in their shadow all day long.
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