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Thanks again everyone for your input.

Trip, I will for sure check with the Dr. about something to take. Thanks!

Mike, I hope the worst thing about my first plane trip is boredom....that's the least of my problems! Claustrophobia is the worst one! The largest ship that we have been on has been the Explorer of the Seas 4 times so this will be quite the experience, people do say though that even though there will be over 5,000 ppl onboard it doesn't seem crowded most of the time, guess we'll find out in February.

Seadog, yes I am like you, I like to have ALL the preparations done well ahead of time. Then I can relax and just plan what to take. I for sure will want to be seated on the plane with either my hubby or my girlfriend, so booking through the airline direct is best then? I'm such a newbie at this flight stuff....but guess I'm going to learn with all of your help which I GREATLY APPRECIATE

Thanks again everyone!


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