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The loyalty program perks are about seventh on my list when I choose a cruise line, ship or itinerary. I am top tier on Celebrity and that's because of the Royal Caribbean and Azamara cruises I have taken.

It's all a matter of priorities. I think that basing the program levels based on the number of days sailed is the most fair. Taking 10 3 day cruises does not equate to taking 10 seven day or longer cruises and really should not get the same award levels.

My priority is suite perks. Carnival has the worst suite perks of all the major lines and that can effect my decision to sail with them and to book a lower class cabin. I personally would love to see them revamp this program but again that is my priority and probably not too many other people's.

I looked over the changes and completed my VIFP registration and I think my excitement level was about the same as watching an old rerun of Alice.

I know that people who were on the "cusp" won't be happy and those who may be "demoted" will be downright mad but to me "It ain't no thing".

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