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Originally Posted by gmcruiser View Post
I don't agree about you getting better service on a smaller ship. We cruised on the Freedom in March, and got very good service. MDR and from the room steward. And we just returned last week from a cruise on Sensation where our service was lousy. All in all we enjoyed both cruises. Staff was friendly. Cruise Director Brad was much more available on Freedom. We rarely saw We Jimmy or whatever his name was.
I was actually refering to the luxury lines where the size of the ships are half the size of anything Carnival or Royal Carribean has, and where the crew to passenger ration are much higher then on the mass market lines. Of course with the better service and better crew to passenger ratio comes the price. And much higher cruise fare for the upgraded service.

Some of the luxury ships are much less then half the size of the Sensation. Some are in the area of 16,000 tons as compared to the megas 70,000, 90,000, 120,000 thousand floating mega hotels.
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