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As I said above, I don't care about the loyalty scheme offered by a cruise my last 5 cruises have been with Costa, they give you 100 points for each day of a cruise plus 40 points for every 52 euro spent on board (and that also includes any pre departure booked & paid for excursions, drink packages, spa services and it also includes whatever you "spend" on service charges too).

Currently there are 4 levels...aquamarine, coral, pearl and gold pearl.

I stand at 9980 points which gives me pearl the time I complete my cruise next year I will be at gold pearl level (13001 points and over). The shortest cruise I have done with Costa was 15 days, the longest so far 33 days.

The cruise line are also changing their cabin grading next year, with added benefits in regard to points accumilation...

Classic cabins = insides, outsides & balconies on decks 1 thru 6
Premium cabins = insides, outsides & balconies on decks 7 thru 11 or 12 depending on ship.
Samsara Spa cabins = insides & balconies.

Classic cabin passengers earn 100 points per day.
Premium, Samsara & Suite passengers earn 200 points per day.

There are a few other frilly bits such as suite, samsara & premium get 10% off their next cruise, classic's get 5% off their next cruise. Other things like complimentary continental breakfast in the cabin for premium upwards, classics pay 5 euro...breakfast now includes hot items such as pancakes, eggs benedict etc.

Maybe later on once Carnival finishes the VIFP programme tweaking, Carnival will follow Costa in awarding points for expenditure on board too..who knows?

Bottom line is that NO cruise line is obliged to give anyone anything....and they could easily turn around and take everything away and end it completely.

I have also heard about the free laundry perk being trimmed back...well if a minority of passengers wilfully take advantage of that perk by sending everything to the laundry cos its free, then it is hardly a surprise if the company trims it back...use it sporadically and you'll keep it, take advantage of it and wave it always its the minority making it harder for those in the majority. Cest la vie...
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