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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Gee Mike...since I'm on that cruise, can I get one of those (please, please, please) even though I am not part of the CruiseMates group

I'd bring the highlighter pens you sent for the last CM group, but I left them in Arizona.

I'll trade you a CruiseMates passport holder/lanyard for a flashlight pen though.

I'll give you three pens if you are one of the objects in the scavenger hunt. The first team to bring Kuki back to the sushi bar wins.

I also have highlighter pens and currency converter calculators for the group.

The flashlight pens are actually pretty neat. I've used them quite a bit around the house and they're good for cabins, especially inside cabins, and actually quite bright. The hard part has been keeping my family from stealing them.

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