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Last year, some friends of ours went on a cruise to Mexico. Soon after the couple got off the ship in Cabo the husband started having some weird chest pains. Thinking the worst, they immediately went back to the ship and saw the doctor on board. They were advised to see a doctor in port, which they did. The doctor in Cabo wasn't sure what was going on, as our friend is an 'older' man. He was worried the chest pains might be coming from his heart, but overall didn't think it was an emergency situation...but the ships doctor wasn't comfortable letting them stay on board and continuing the cruise just in case.

The crew was vey nice and helped them get their things off the ship. But there they were, stranded in Cabo. The wife rented a car (never did find out how she did that) and drove back to T.J then they drove into San Diego. The husband was fine...guess it was the heat after all. They had NO travel insurance, only their credit cards, which they pretty much maxed out.
It's a good thing they both speak beautiful perfect spanish. (Why didn't they fly home???? don't know) Expensive lesson.
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