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Originally Posted by KDGodwin View Post
I can't help but wonder what would happen if someone did not buy any type of insurance and did not have funds to cover an emergency?

My hubby and I have never bought any type of insurance (and thankfully never needed it), and I can tell you on at least one of our cruises we barely had enough saved to cover our expenses, let alone an emergency. If one of us had broken a leg or something do they just not treat you? Or bill you later?

After reading several threads about this, we are considering it for our upcoming cruise, that's for sure...

Do more than consider it. Buy it.

What would happen is that it would bankrupt someone or worse they could lose their lives. In many countries they are not "required" to treat you even though you can't pay. In the late 80's I was in Brasil and cut myself. The wound required stitching. I went to their ER and before they would even look at me I had to give them my credit card. I was young and never thought of travel insurance and just ate the charge. IRRC it was around $300 for six stitches. That didn't break the bank but I think what would have happened if it was something more serious. I was much younger then and didn't even think of travel insurance.

Also: Check what your own insurance covers. See if it will cover emergency medical and evacuation if you are out of the country. Most don't but more and more are starting to become International.

No matter what: Have insurance.

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