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Originally Posted by jameshen45 View Post
Dominica was the best.. we book privately and did the Dominica Most captivating tour with nature isle explorers.. We wanted to much of the island so we book that 5 hour tours.. it was amazing..
i would higly recommend them to you all.. Nature Isle Explores

they also gave us local beers and rum punch as complementary drinks
Thanks! I'll be in Dominica on my next cruise. I've heard great things about it. I do enjoy the natural beauty and a little historical , etc.
Had a great tour guide, Victor, at Barbados. He had great info and had some interesting things to pass around the small bus for people to try to figure out what they were. He was fun, interesting, and very knowledgeable. The botanical gardens were fantastic. I bought a serving tray depicting Barbados life by Jim Walker . It sits next to my PC and I enjoy it very much along with all my little treasures from my cruises.
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