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Default Milestone Controvery

The biggest problem and complaints with the new VIFP program that I have seen is with Milestone cruisers. Carnival claims that Milestone was never intended to be a level only an extra reward program. It had actually been precieved as and in fact treated as a level for several years. They have been issuing Milestone cards for guests. They even encouraged guests to go ahead and get that 25th cruise done so that you be 'grandfathered' into the new program. Many did and now they (CCL) are not honoring that. That has made many very upset. Since John Heald even stated that the Milestone would be covered in the new program he is getting a lot of flack.

There is a Carnival Milestone online group of guests that is actually officially monitored by a Carnival beard. Very active there past few days and Carnival has been actively communicating. A fair compromise has been suggested that is now in the hands of a senior CCL beard. Of course they may or may not make adjustments. We all know that Royal Caribbean did. It will be interesting to see how it all comes out.
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