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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
A quote from the Carnival beard in the Heald interview:
"The original intent of the Milestone program was to recognize guests with a special Sail & Sign card on their milestone sailing only. However, we have learned that it had become customary for guests to be given a Milestone card on every sailing after reaching their 25th cruise."

So Carnival management didn't realize their check-in operation was routinely issuing Milestone cruise cards for each sailing after the 25th cruise? I'd have to throw the bs flag on that claim.
I know...every ship made the same mistake...really. And they recognized Milestone as a group at the past guest parties too. They have made a mess of it for the Milestone folks. I didn't book any extra cruises just to make it as I was already Milestone, but I do feel bad for those that did.

With so many new ships coming to Galveston this year I was cutting back on Carnival anyway. Especially since I'm Elite on Princess and the Crown Princess will soon be here!! Woo Hoo!

That being said I'd like to do that Carnival Glory NE/Canada sailing from Boston in July. I will if I can get cheap airfare.
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