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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Sorry my friends across the pond....but this did happen on QM2.
In the buffet/self serve area a man was demanding "his" table & that a young couple be moved from it (remember this is the buffet) out of sympathy for the poor Eastern European waitress the couple moved, the guy who demanded the table was not happy & was ranting at the couple who were half his age with twice the class. I couldn't help comment on behalf of the young couple & the younger waitress & he started on me, better me than them anyway....but, & here is the big BUT..the problem was what came next...."I am an AMERICAN I can have what I want because you Brits would be under the Nazis if it wasn't for us!"...I did say if you are typical then the Nazis couldn't be that bad....he THEN said he was Jewish & I was now a racist!! At least those who didn't choose to argue were now not involved.
Makes me proud to be an American.

Creeps come in all shapes, genders and nationalities. I have heard some ugly American's use the "We saved your butt from Nazis" rant and it really irritates me to no end. My mother was English and American's have no idea what the British went through to "hold the country" until America finally did the right thing. I don't think anyone reading this has ever spent the night in a bomb shelter and came out the next morning to see their home in rubble.

Then again: I have seen my own relatives (English) say some pretty stupid and xenophobic things about Americans and other nationalities.

Oh well: There's one in every crowd.

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