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That guy is an idiot!! People like that is what makes people in other countries hate us. Unfortunately however, ugly people behaving in incorrigible ways come from all countries, all races..all sizes.

I have had the reverse happen to me. I guess for whatever reason the service people in Cancun have been treated poorly by Americans to the point that they have been downright rude to me at check in (major hotels in the Cancun Hotel Zone). I've bent over backwards to be nice on check-in..To no avail. I get snarls and I heard a check in clerk (speaking in Spanish) tell her coworker how stupid, ugly and drunk Americans are. I wasn't drinking, I'm not stupid and don't think I'm ugly. I guess she did not realize I knew enough Spanish to understand her cutting remarks. My room was almost always wrong when booked in the Hotel Zone (booked a King and always got two doubles). I finally stopped going to Cancun, period. I have been to Cancun probably ten times. I kept booking a different hotel hoping for a different outcome with service personnel. Final time was 2007. I cannot imagine that attitudes there have gotten better. The only hotel that I was treated decently (still got wrong bedding) was the Marriott Casa Magna.

What's funny is..Cozumel is an about face from the attitudes I found in Cancun. The service people in Cozumel are so nice and friendly. I love it there!! So now I just book direct flights into Cozumel and any of their hospitable hotels are great! They do not harbor any hostility toward Americans (not that I could detect!). They are the loveliest people. I would have a second home there if I could afford it.

Just my 2 cents
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