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Default First time at Steakhouse

WE just returned from the Magic- went to the steak house on the last night for $30 per person. It was Good, not GREAT. The menu looked like to old menu from regular nights on the ship years ago.
The Ribeye, was huge, way to much meat, not really seasoned. I wanted medium, it came out bloody and runny. They took it back and cooked it more- it was better.
The salad was good.
The Shrimp cocktail was wonderful.
The chocolate dessert was awesome.
The cheesecake dessert was HUGE, too much for one person and that was disheartening, why give such a huge piece-rediculous. Why have such huge portions?? why charge so much??
The surf and turf was perfect- I will have that next time (if I do it again).
My friends had the surf and turf, they shared a bite.
For the money- The Italian restaurant was much better.
However- I do love to eat and the food did not go to waist.
Happy cruising.

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