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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
I know you are too young to receive this publication but there is an article about Med-Alert Tattoos in the current edition of the AARP newspaper .
Saw the article...guess that dates me (could have borrowed it you know) Anyway, I wear a medic alert bracelet and not once has our local hospital staff or ER staff ever looked at it and it's the large man size one.

Had one scary incident when I was in the E.R...a nurse came in with a needle and was going to start injecting medication in my IV tube. I stopped him and asked what it was. It was a medication I was anaphylactic too! He had never checked my medic alert or for that matter my admission chart. I contacted Medic Alert and the Hospital Administrator. Medic Alert was alarmed and contacted the Hospital directly. Been in hospital several times since...and NEVER ever has the staff looked at my medic alert. But they do check my chart. Always, always take an advocate with you...someone to speak for you just in case you can't, to watch out for you. To be YOUR advocate, your voice. (but that's another thread)

IF hospital staff doesn't pay attention to a LARGE RED medic alert bracelet...I seriously doubt that they will notice a tattoo with medical information. Especially since a lot of people have tattoo's with writing etc. In an emergency situation they're not going to pay attention. Good idea but not practical in the real world.
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