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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post

Who in the world would pay that kind of money for booze, ashore or at sea?

Things people choose to buy never cease to amaze me.

Probably most of the people slapping back that $225 booze wonder why I will pay $100 an ounce for caviar.

Americans moan when gasoline goes over $4 per gallon, yet happily stand in long lines to pay $32 per gallon for Starbucks coffee (which they could make better at home for a tiny fraction of the cost).

Last year Americans spent $12 Billion for gasoline, and $13 Billion for bottled water - mostly from municipal water suplies in Atlanta and Houston. Neither city is very famous for high quality drinking water. Then those millions of empty plastic water bottles ended up in land-fills all over America. What's that all about?
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