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Originally Posted by HawkeyeFLA View Post
Those prices appear cheaper than Carnival. When I was on Imagination back in December, it was $40+tax for a 1l bottle of Absolut Citron. There were 4 of us, so we had 3 12pk of Sprite and some Pepsi for my friend. Also 4 bottles of wine. My bar tab for that cruise was well over half of what it was for the same cruise the year before.

I can't wait for DCL Wonder in December. Their current policy is you can bring whatever on, as long as it is carried on, not checked. So for a 14n cruise I figure 2 handles of booze. A split between vodka and rum.
The $154 was based on 22 $7 drinks. A well drink is about $7 on Carnival. i.e. Whiskey/Coke and they use a brand like Seagrams 7.

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