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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
You won't have the liquor waiting for you in your cabin, but you should have a card in your cabin directing you to call Room Service for delivery. Someone over 21 will have to be in the cabin to receive the liquor.

As someone else pointed out on another thread, if you're sailing from Galveston or some other ports, you have to wait until the ship is a certain distance from port to get your liquor. They also won't be selling certain brands at the bars until they reach that point. I don't think it has to do with Blue Laws, but with the fact that most of the ship's liquor is not taxed in Texas.
Sorry to resurrect an old posting but I had to look up the number to order for my Carnival Breeze cruise. It was deleted from my contacts.

I have sailed Carnival seven times and each time we have ordered Bon Voyage Liquor it is in the cabin when we board. It may be different in Galveston because of liquor laws but in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles it was there when we entered the room.

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