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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
When arriving early I usually find the first hour the best part of day 1.

Check in with no line and be on the ship when it's still empty. I've never had a line at 10:30 of more than 20-30 people and they usually have at least 10 check in agents at the start. When I did b2b(along with a total of 7 other cruisers) in February we walked off, went through customs, and had an hour before new guests came on board. Me and 2 staff where the only people on the 2 upper decks.

I got a few strange looks from staff, like aren't you supposed to be off the ship by now? lol
This is good for you that it worked out that one day - but it I also feel like posts like this just encourage people going to a 4000-passenger megaship to gang up at the terminal at 10:00 AND choke up the process.

My WORST checkin ever was one day when we got to the terminal at 11:00 and had to endure lines to check in, and then (much worse) a single, solitary line literally from the bottom of the stairs, up to the upper deck and then snaking along the entire entryway to the gangway, about 500 feet in line. It took an hour between checkin and walking on board the ship. We had a wheel chair and people literally used our handicap to cut in front of us and force us out of line.

I just thought that was a horrible way to start a cruise, and I don't like the idea of encouraging people to all arrive at the same time and clog the check-in process.

I certainly do understand the point about taking a red-eye and wanting to get on the ship. (which is why I have only done that once). But I still say if you don't have to be there early then do the people who have no choice a favor, and wait a little while.

It just is not realistic to foster the idea here for all readers that arriving at check-in at 10:00 a.m. is a good idea. It isn't a good idea if everyone does it. Even more important, if you arrive later I guarantee you will be able to virtually walk on the ship in the shortest time possible.
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