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I don't like to hear anyone say they were criticized for giving their opinion.

But sometimes we see a shift in quality from a cruise line. About five years ago I recall Holland America suddenly getting a lot of negative comments about the food.

At first people who said so were rebutted, but then others went and noticed a same thing.

That seems to be happening somewhat with Carnival lately. As someone noted, the line did operate at a loss last quarter, and when that happens you have to cut costs where you can. Often that means the food budget - because it is so easily changed.

It isn't a fixed cost like fuel.

For what it is worth, however, I sense the cruise industry coming back. I think the Concordia had an affect on sales but it is passing. While I see some lines giving away inside cabins in Europe, for the most part balcony cabin prices are pretty solid now in Europe and the Caribbean, even Alaska.

I sense something of a comeback, and things should improve if enough people start to complain about food, etc.
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