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I was also going to mention Theme Cruise Finder - Theme Cruise Finder lists over 500 Theme Cruises...

The best place anywhere to see theme cruises.

Mike - you were on a "bears" cruise? There was a LOT of controversy about one of those a few years ago. But to be clear there were two different groups organizing the cruises, and one group was a lot less discrete than the other.

Here is a trick to make sure your cruise will not also have another large contigent of any group on board.

Before you book a cruise, Google the name of the ship, the date, and the words "group" or "theme"

I did this recently foir an article i was writing and found a "cross-dressing divas" group on the same cruise as a "Kosher Meals" group.

All I can say is, if the Barbara Steisand booked the divas cruise, I hope she was able to get the Kosher cruise wholesale!

(that is just a joke....)
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