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actingnurse: I believe that's why I was contacted directly by the nursing administrator AND the head of the E.R dept. Then when I called Medic Alert...they also wanted to know not only 'what happened? but 'why'? Our local hospital IS a major medical facility, with a hugh E.R dept., Life Flight, etc.

Doctors and nurses should NEVER assume anything. If the patient is conscious and can communicate...check and double check patient's chart, armband and even verbally with the patient BEFORE administering any meds. If the patient cannot communicate, but has a family member on hand, check with them or with the patient's Advocate.

Patient's die or are seriously injured because of medical malpractice. Medical staff get busy or because of being overwhelmed by the stress of their job take shortcuts. But hey...not on my watch!!! Like I 'I'm sorry' is not going to fix anaphylaxis, coma or death caused by an 'innocent' mistake.
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