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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
It is possible, but would be difficult, especially for 14 days...I would use two and still pack on the light side. Will you be able to do laundry during the cruise, or have stuff laundered when needed? Even with a lot of mix and match outfits, two weeks and sharing one piece of luggage...I think I would plan on one each, still not bad.

Sorry for the confusion ...I meant one piece of 22" luggage each and a rather large handbag for me to carry make-up, jewelry, meds. Can it be done?

For formal rent a tux for my husband or maybe not go...We want to look nice, but hate the idea of trying to lug stuff in & out of a cab, on an airplane, or on & off the cruise... Especially if it's hot, humid, cold, rainy, windy or you're trying to maneuver your luggage around a crowd of other passengers.
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