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What a fun post sir Henry, here is where I get to show my maturity

My first name is Kelly, now "Kayden" is a nickname I got years ago...

In High School and college, I worked at a local movie Theater. This was 1995 - 1998 and the popular arcade game at the time was "Mortal Kombat". When I was theater manager, we used to unlock the video game after hours, have 'screening parties', and play tournaments....winner basically just got bragging rights. My wonderful friend John (who I am still friends with) referred to me as "Kayden" since my favorite character was "Rayden" (or 'Raiden' on some games...I prefer the "Y") and I was unstoppable playing with that character. I was only called that when we were playing,not at all times, but it was a name I have always liked and it's a name that just stuck with me. During "non playing times" I was referred to as "Olah" (pronounced like 'hello' in spanish) as that was my maiden name. Even today, that is what most people call me.

The funny thing that gets pointed out to me quite ofter, is that "Kayden" (orCaden, Kaden, etc) is actually a crazy popular name now! However, whenever I meet someone with that name, they are under the age of 10. Even one of my old friends named her son that because she liked it so much!! I like to have delusions of grandeur that I may have had something to do with the booming popularity of the name! . About once a month or more, I will randomly get a text from anold friend that they have heard the name again.

My twitter handle is also @KellyKayden
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