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Default Two words rum runners

To anyone looking for the ANSWER to the question, "How do I save $ on drinks on a cruise?" the answer is RUM RUNNERS! For the "nervous ones" here’s food for thought….. You are 1 of 2,500 cruisers on a smaller cruise they only skim X-rays to get things moving! Hide it well and you’ll never have a problem (you can google many diff. ways to place the runners and where yet I am not giving up my secrets lol) !

Plus man up please...I can't believe how many comments on this site are of ppl saying how scared they are. Alcohol is just that.. you wont be thrown off the cruise and sent to prision RELAX! No one I ever known in my years of cruising have been caught till this day, and if for some odd reason you do become part of the mere 2% who get caught that day SOO WHAT….ALARMS DON’T GO OFF THEY DON’T YELL HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THESE PPL….NO! They will just bring your alcohol to a room with your name and room # on it and will have it sent BACK to you even, with ur baggage the last day of the cruise.

Although be weary rum runners usually don’t get returned to you because they have no real way of knowing what’s in the bag, labeled bottles are more specific. Also to the people who are here commenting "well I’m above smuggling alcohol" Okay gooooood for you A.) If you were sooo much above us than whatttt brought you to this particular link on this website named "rum runners/sneaking alcohol into cruise ships ….

b.) If u spend all day researching sites for subjects that you obviously have no interest in and feel so insecure about ur finances u mussstt give your unwanted comments to prove what? Someone is asking a question and deserves a specific answer, we dont care if you choose not to do things the way we do!

C.) Also A cruise is well known as the "poor mans vacation" because it's a great, cheap getaway for those of us who can't afford to swing to Fiji this month. If your THAT RICH TELL ME NEXT TIME YOU ARE CRUISING AND YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND PICK UP MY TAB.

Same goes for Non drinkers commenting…..really? Again feel free to read up on ways us partiers are doing things, but if you don't do it, again why leave an unwanted comment such as "well I don't drink". Thanks thats exactly the comment the person whos asking rum runners questions wants to read. We do not up at an AA meeting pounding patron shots (only to those who got nasty about it), and again what led u here.

One more thing that erked me is the bunch stating how Cruise lines read these comments n up the anty. A.) You are either an employee yourself or have never been on many cruises in your life. Cruises happen 24/7 about one million ppl travel one line per 5months, so their concern is getting ppl on the ship ASAP so passangers could start spending money n ESP. To make sure they embark on time 2,500 bags go through on the smallest of ships, are skimmed and never thoroughly checked unless it's obvious.

As I said b4 random checks usually happen round spring break time n if u have obvious bottles of alc. showin up in ur bag. I TAKE (AND MY FRIENDS…FAMILY) 2 large rum runners each time been on 10 cruises so far myself I’m 25years old so yeaa

Also to the girl who’s rum runner tasted weird the directions really help with that….you were supposed to fill them with burning hot water days b4 n massage them correctly empty. N air dry.

ALSO I even know of someone who got randomly checked on RCCL with 2 rum runners and they even let him get by with one whole runner awesome. They (the crew) aren't stupid and are human themselves don't forget. The more people drink the more money they tend to spend as well on other things on the ship and even back at the cruises bars because rum runners only last you so long and they know the business quiet well. Once partiers start drinking they dont tend to stop for a while so trips to their bars are inevitable even more so if you're liquored up on your own stash prior.

So everyone relax and just be prepared everytime I travel with rum runners in hand I always bring about 400 dollars with me as a "just in case I get randomed and I wanna drink" Yet 10 cruises later I always go home with 400 dollars still in my pocket (yes thats how much I save on drinks I am a fish lol )

My answer is there and short although I know this comment is kind of long and "harsh" yet during each cruise I scan the cruiser blogs to learn new things and always see others comment things that have nothing with the posters questions and I felt it was time to speak my mind tis all.

Cruisers are one of 4 people - The partier, the relaxer, the mingler singles, or the celebratory couples. To each is own and fun and relaxation is all that should be in mind. I hope people could take this post for what it is and nothing more .

Back to the point.. rum runners are number one choice for simplicity, others have gone with the listerine bottles which works well with clear liquors and 2 drops of green food coloring. I've personally stayed away from this option because I feel as if that is something they have had to have caught onto by now mouthwash is not a necessity that everyone and their mother has 2 HUGE bottles of listerine in their bags for lets say a weekend cruise lol. It's all about being creative and simple ENJOY everyone.

Yes ive sent this message out once before but I feel the need to help out people with questions on how to save money in this economy

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