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Originally Posted by Laurenz View Post
Hi all,

I will be signing on to a Carnival ship in a month and have some questions regarding valuables.

Are there safes in the crew cabins? officer cabins?
If not, would it be safe to just lock away your valuables/laptop in your luggage bag?
Is there a lot of theft on ships?

Thanks for any input
On NCL, I was told crew members will have their own safe to keep passports and other important documents for safe keeping. As for laptops and other types of computers each crew members should have their own closet to keep their possessions see below:

Crew Cabins - Disney Cruise Line Jobs - YouTube

Crew cabin on Carnival Victory - YouTube

Crew cabin on a Princess cruise ship. - YouTube

Crew cabin on cruise ship - YouTube

Pride of America crew cabin tour - YouTube

Now some of the closets don't seem to have locks on them so I take it you might want to get to KNOW your cabin mate to establish trust and respect. You and your cabin mate might want to talk about who will be coming and going in your space. If the cruise line you work for take theft seriously anyone who is CAUGHT stealing is FIRED period and have to pay their way home.


Enable the password on your computer or laptop.

Keep expensive stuff at home with a relative or friend.

Don't advertise what you have in your cabin.

Mark your property!!!
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