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Talking groups

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post

Mike - you were on a "bears" cruise? There was a LOT of controversy about one of those a few years ago. But to be clear there were two different groups organizing the cruises, and one group was a lot less discrete than the other.
HMMM, didn't hear about any controversy. The guys on our cruise were delightful company, kind, thoughtful, fun to talk to, no problems whatsoever. They made quite a show around the pool but just by their fuzzy appearance, not by indiscreet conduct.

The one thing I do object to on group cruises is when they take over certain venues and exclude the public. Once we were with a jazz group. This was one of those ships where you had to pass through a central lounge to get to the dining room. The first two days, they blocked off that lounge, making passengers detour up a deck to get through the ship. I guess there were enough complaints, because after the third day the lounge was open even when they were having their jam sessions so in the end we got a little bonus.

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