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Exclamation Check in process

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
This is good for you that it worked out that one day - but it I also feel like posts like this just encourage people going to a 4000-passenger megaship to gang up at the terminal at 10:00 AND choke up the process.
It is becoming fairly clear that the cruise lines have a big problem here. Ships get larger and larger, more and more people want to check in, lines get longer and longer.

Obviously, instead of trying silly stuff like Staggered Boarding that anybody could have predicted would raise an uproar, they need to get some logistics experts on the job and figure it out.

Every time I have checked in, the process was not well organized at the desk, which is the first problem. We handed over papers, had them fumbled through, posed for a picture one at a time, then waited while they found our cruise cards, and finally moved on.

The fact is that the airlines handle it more efficiently. One simple suggestion is to handle it by stations. Pass through security (which is actually not too inefficient in most ports.) Show your passport at Station 1. Move on and hand your health statement to Station 2. Move on again and get your picture snapped at Station 3. Hand your preprinted boarding pass to Station 4, they scan it and confirm your cabin number, and a printer spits out your cruise card. Make the mandatory stop for your boarding picture and on the ship you go.

If they have, say, 3 lines plus a premium line working it is still probably no more temporary employees than they use now. I think that psychologically, moving along and accomplishing something after each short line will sit a lot better than waiting a long long time in a big line to accomplish everything at once! The cruise lines need to realize that the procedures that worked on 1000 pax ships are NOT going to work now.

We are the customers. It is up to us, as we did with Staggered Boarding, to let the cruise lines know that they have to react to OUR convenience, and not expect us to build our travel plans around THEIR convenience.

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