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Obviously, instead of trying silly stuff like Staggered Boarding that anybody could have predicted would raise an uproar, they need to get some logistics experts on the job and figure it out.
Absolutely right, Mike. I have t say Oasis and Allure have the best embarkation I have ever seen, but it is solely because they planned it from the start. They have about 60 check-in stations, and then a separate waiting area with restrooms & chairs for until the ship opens.

Ironically, the experience I mentioned above was for Mariner of the Seas in Pt Canaveral. I have had similar experiences with NCL, also, for Epic in Southampton where the line outside the building was just thousands of people long (literally) only to lead up to just two people checking passports and three people handing out key cards.

The two lines fed to an empty space with the two passport people; so it was a race to see which person could get to either agent (it was not one agent per one line).

The Marina case was largely about that ridiculous picture taking, which they NEVER tell you is optional. They literally slow down ever single boarder for about 30 seconds just to take a vanity photo. Ridiculous. Just put the photogs off to the side for the people who want it. In thos case they had them at a doorway so there was no way around.

However - also keep in mind that cruise lines NEED a way to slow down the people who want to ruch on the ship, hence my post about not encouraging people to arrive at 10:00.

Think of all poor room stewards who need to completely change over a cabin. Think of all the waiters, busboys and cooks who need to work the buffet area on the day it is most crowded - all because people want to be on the ship as early as possible.

If the cruise lines could do staggered boarding they would do it. Too bad there is passenger blowback. I usually side with the passengers, but in this case I only think they are hurting themselves by not giving the ship the time it needs to turn the ship around properly.
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