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Okay - so we have heard from the people who demand the right to smuggle booze onboard without any comments from the rest of us.

So, at CruiseMates we do NOT advocate sneaking alcohol onboard. Contrary to what this poster just said about her experiences, the truth is that the cruise lines have the option of denyig cruises to people who break their rules. So, while I have never heard of it happening, it is possible that some day a cruiser will be turned away from boarding just for trying to sneak booze onboard.

Secondly - we have found that over-imbibing is one of the leading causes of problems on cruises - fistfights, arguments, falls, even suicides. People who sneak booze onboard tend to get more drunk that the average passenger. (of course, the fact that they probably tend to drink a lot even if the rumrunner is found is likely the main reason they are not denied the cruise).

Look at George Smith (the Honeymoon cruiser). he had sneaked absinthe onboard the night before he disappeared, and was drinking it that night along with the guys who are currently under suspicion.

Plus, the cruise lines are currently re-evaluating a lot of policies, so don't be surprised if they get tougher about this as well - just like lifeboat drill.

Some people are uncomfortable being around highly intoxicated people - and so other people do have a right to complain about rumrunners here - your right to do anything stops when it affects me personally. And it is against cruise line rules; just like saving chairs and muscle shirts in the dining room.
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