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Alcohol IMHO has no advantages...all it does is destroys the liver...and I am not talking about a small glass of wine at dinner.

I don't care to be near anyone who drinks in public and gets drunk, it will only get you into trouble if you meet the wrong person.

I hope the day comes when cruise lines turn away people who smuggle alcohol aboard the ships..LIke Paul said you are breaking the rules and I dont want to be around anyone who becomes drunk.

At least at min is the fact that those who drink are not able to get into a car and kill someone...too many deaths on the road today due to drunks.

Here is an idea for the cruise a deck mainly for drunks block off the staircase once they are on it stop all elevators going to that floor and let them do what they want to themselfs without bothering the sober people who dont want to partake in that sort of behavoir.
Just saying.

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