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Steiner does hire male massage therapists. There are only certain cruiselines that do not staff males.

Most likely it will be a plus that you have both qualifications. They like dual certifications because you have more services you can do.

Most likely they will decide one of the following once you get to the Academy in London for training:

1: You make a better Fitness Trainer- then you will focus on fitness first then massage but join a ship as Trainer
2: You're better in the massage field and may continue to train in fitness area after completing all the massage treatment training but will join the ship as Massage.
OR 3: They will train you in both areas and will assign you to a small ship or prestigious yacht where you will have both Fitness and Massage columns.

When applying, I would suggest applying as Massage therapist and clarifying with them when interviewing/training that you are dual licensed.

For more info; visit my blog or youtube channel!

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