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Well said Buttons....

I know plenty of people who have an aversion to being around intoxicated people, and we don't really need to go into the reasons because they are often personal.

I personally do not mind an intoxicated person, as long as they are not sitting close to me and shouting or doing something else that infringes on my experience, and I don't shudder just from seeing someone obviously drunk (as some people do).

I even admit I enjoy having a few drinks to relax and don't see it as a crime. The truth is that lowering your inhibitions can lead to fun times, since it is relaxing and entertaining, and basically that is what cruises are for...

But I do still stand by what I said, that your right to do as you please ends at the point where it starts to affect me in a negative way. It doesn't mean I will turn you in, but I may choose to avoid contact with you drunk or sober if I don't like the way you act when you are drunk.

And that is also another point - alcohol affects different people in different ways - and it often has nothing to do with how the person is when sober. I hope people who tend to drink a lot are aware that their their personalities when very drunk may be different from what they think.
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