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Ooooooowowww! Those are negative comment for sure!

I worked for Steiner two contracts. I agree that they do see their employees as numbers a lot of the time...but they have created some of the most successful business executives, therapists and managers...

You will work a lot. I was a massage therapist and on a Sea Day I would give 8 to 10 massages. But I made GREAT tips and brought home a great ammount of money.

Especially with working on a ship...the company (Steiner) needs to give a HUGE portion of what they make to the CRUISE LINE. That's why the commission is lower on board. Also you're not paying for room/board/food...etc.

Slavery? No...lots of work with some tough love from managers and will get pressured to sell/recommend homecare to clients. This is a business tactic that in the Spa industry you will find everywhere.

If you can sell...your job will be easier. But even if you can't...just seperate the work and the fun and you'll have an amazing contract and a GREAT company to put on your resume.

I recommend Steiner.

Ships worked on:

Silver Seas Shadow
Celebrity Millennium
Caribbean Princess
Celebrity Summit (Under Construction)
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