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Very few business now days enforce rules, dress codes non-smoking, or whatever. They're afraid of retaliation, and well they should be. Patrons/passengers, can be rude, turn violent or come back with a vengeance and destroy property or hurt them personally.

Businesses, including the cruise industry, have to weight the cost, decide whats petty (maybe not to us) and what will make the biggest impact with the littlest disturbance.

For some reason, there are more people who in general seem angry, defensive frustrated or have an air of 'self entitlement. It's hard to give or receive good service when both parties have one or more of these attitudes. Manners, honestly, personal self-control...etc. Attributes/qualities that were common years ago...most would find hard to define the words let alone value having them.

Some irritants (e.g deckchair hogs) are just that, irritants...a fly buzzing around your head. Not worth the time to complain. Just remember, you can't really do anything about people who are selfish and self-centered. And even if you CLEARLY point out the problem...they won't get it...and you will only be more frustrated.

Employee attitude is another matter. An employee represents the business that trained and pays him. If you work in an service industry and you don't like people or your NEED to change. Doesn't matter if you work on a cruise line, bus line, air line or if your a doctor, nurse or police officer. Once you reach that point in a job that regularly interacts with the public and you no longer like what you do or the people you's time to change jobs or quit. Your not doing yourself or the public a favor by continuing!
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