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Originally Posted by Stacyvanderbloom View Post
Ppl who get away with bringing on alcohol are Not always lushes first off. It's about $ to each is own I just can't stand the ones who post on ANYYY blog site comments that are anything but the answers to the bloggers questions. Agreed people who can't handle liquor should not be drinking in the first place. Yet hopefully everyone who is here looking for help are responsible adults as ourselves and are truly here looking for some friendly non judgmental economical solutions to getting in some adult beverages on board to enhance cruise enjoyment. To the ppl still commenting on subjects u clearly have no interest in ...stop hatin n thank u for proving my point you statistics . To the ppl looking for help my advice is above n fool proof don't let anyone scare u it's booze not coke lol it's not that big a deal attttt all .
Ahh But I do have a right to post a rebuttal if you feel you can post all about why you feel its ok to smuggle alcohol on board and break the rules.

Fact is there are people who smuggle alcohol on board and get drunk and disrupt other peoples good times.

And its also not always about saving the money, many people who do smuggle alcohol on board intend to get drunk, and if they interfere with my good times then we have a problem whcih the person drunk will almost always come out on the short end. But either way, if its for saving money or getting drunk the rules have been broken, no other way to sugar coat that.

And it just seems that for this thread the only questions that can arise is how to break the rules which im am sure is against this sites better judgement.

I also think that this thread should be discountinued just because it is about bending and breaking rules.

As far as stats many innocent people are killed and injured because of drunk drivers, how many people are killed and injured on cruise ships...the stats might scare you...even one person being killed or injured due to alcohol is one too many...BTW I dont think its no lol matter.
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