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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
You might check further. Some airlines do offer equal leg pricing on one ways and returns.

If you book a return ticket, and don't use the 1st portion, the second returning flight is automatically canceled.

So... if you find yourself HAVING to buy a return ticket, buy it with the first leg being the one you want to use. No repercussions if you miss the last flight.
Kuki is correct. Doctor's prefer his answers two to one.

If the first leg of any round trip ticket is not used then the whole ticket is canceled and you don't get a refund. If you try to use the return portion of the ticket you will have a bad surprise.

Book the round trip as Venice to Dallas/Dallas to Venice and just don't use the return. Make up some arbitrary date for the return or plug in some return dates and see what gives you the cheapest flight. Flying on Tuesday and Wednesday is "usually" less expensive.

Unless you need to get out of the country after you get home.
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