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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
The original post is over 3 years old so the question of how to, can I, and is it proper to smuggle alcohol aboard a ship still hasn't been resolved and never will be.
Just my personal opinion, which as I always say, is worthless to any one but me, is that If I want to take enough alcohol to stay drunk all the time, I'd rather stay home and stay drunk, that way I don't have to smuggle, hide, worry, fret, etc and can save a ton of money by staying home---have a lot more money with which to buy more alcohol, thereby enabling myself to stay drunk longer !
On the other hand, if all I'm doing, as most smugglers suggest their doing, is smuggling enough onto the ship to have a drink in my cabin before dinner, etc., etc. , then I can surely afford to buy it on the ship, because if I can afford the cruise, I surely must be able to afford to buy a drink if I want it.
Cheers, bottoms up, and all that!!
Amen to that

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