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Originally Posted by tobytovar View Post
Thanks to all for your help. Although I use to just book online I have been using a PVP named Pilar Donvito for my last 3 cruises. I have never asked her about multiple discounts though. I would highly recommend her to anyone booking a cruise with Carnival. Thanks not only to all the responses but to all the vets for what you did.
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Toby, thanks for your service. You know it was at a Friends of Chris P meeting that we got a commitment from a Carnival beard to get the Veterans meetings established on every ship in the fleet.

I'm glad you are happy with your PVP. I'm curious why he didn't offer that category to you right away. I believe they are instructed (just as air lines) to only offer the lower fares if specifically asked. It make one wonder what else they are NOT telling the customer.
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